Is your house or flat within the Patcham or Preston Village, or the Preston Park Conservation Areas?

A Conservation Area is defined as an area of special architectural or historic interest, the character or appearance of which is desirable to preserve or enhance.

Restrictions imposed by designation of a Conservation Area are:

• demolition of a building or part of a building
• a wall over one metre high on the highway
• alterations which include some demolition are not allowed without the consent of the local planning authority, even if demolition is followed by reconstruction

It is expected that alterations to buildings will respect their character

No tree, except a fruit tree, or one with a trunk of less than 3″ in diameter may be lopped or felled without the consent of the local planning authority

The Preston Village and Preston Park Conservation Areas are also covered by Article 4 Directions, which means that planning permission is required for minor alterations such as porches, replacement windows, doors and hardstandings. Usually these Directions only apply to the facades of the building facing the street, though sometimes they cover alterations and extensions at the rear of buildings, such as sheds in back gardens

In the case of Listed Buildings it is most important to ensure that proposed works comply with the Council’s listed buildings policies.

Formal Listed Building consent may be required and this may be necessary for internal as well as external works. Failure to obtain Listed Building consent is a criminal offence.

The Society hopes that you will appreciate your house for what it is rather than trying to turn it into something it is not. Inappropriate changes will devalue your house, whilst an honestly restored house is an asset.