IMAGE CREDIT: McCarthy & Stone proposal for a development of a three-storey block of ‘assisted living’ flats at 46-54 Old London Road
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Annual Report July 2015 – July 2016
We produced one Newsletter this year, sent to members in April, in which some of the planning proposals in our area were examined in detail, a number of which had been discussed at our last AGM. Since that time there has been an exhibition of new proposals for Anston House in January; the current architects are still considering different schemes. The revised scheme in February for 251-253 Preston Road is still under consideration by the Council.

Building work has now been completed on St Augustine’s Church and Hall although the flats have not yet been advertised for sale. Last September the land in The Square, Patcham, which included the joined, partially dilapidated, listed cottages (nos19 and 20) was sold at auction for £176,000. The latest application, including renovation, partial demolition and rebuild plus a single storey extension, is under consideration.

In the Newsletter there was an article on the McCarthy & Stone proposal for a development of a three-storey block of ‘assisted living’ flats at 46-54 Old London Road, next to Park Court. An application has now been submitted.

Decisions are still awaited on the proposal for Clermont Church to be converted into six flats and a change of use from hotel to residential for the Preston Park Hotel. Preston Park now has a Conservation Management Plan. Since the article on the Preston Park Cycle Track was published in the Newsletter, British Cycling has asked the Council for £250,000 to upgrade the fencing and, in order to compensate other needs in the Park, the Council has promised £50,000 for other Park projects.

The geophysical survey of Preston Park went ahead; the main find was interpreted as being a large WW2 water tank for testing leaks in artillery tanks. Brighton & Hove City Council has received a structural survey of the Preston Manor Pump House but has not told about any future plans. As outlined in the Newsletter, the City Plan Part Two is underway.

We have continued to make our voice heard at the meetings of the Conservation Advisory Group. However, one of our main concerns this year has been the apparent reduction in the size of the Planning Department and the consequent slowness in the processing of applications.