NEWSLETTER: Snakey Lane and Withdean Woods

Posted on Nov 27, 2016 in news stories


You may remember that in a previous newsletter we wrote about Snakey Lane, the extension of Station Road, just outside the eastern exit form Preston Park Station.

You will be glad to learn that the litter in the Lane is not as bad as it was in previous years, though we do not know the reason for this.

When I moved here 50 years ago we used to collect furniture, fridges etc. As long as we collected big items in a heap the Council were willing to come and collect it.

Since the barriers – on the far side of the railway bridge and the beginning of Snakey Lane were introduced large items of rubbish have rarely been dumped in the Lane.

If you would like to help to keep the Lane clear of litter and do not want to get your hands dirty I have several litter pickers which you can use, and keep, if you promise to use them in the Lane and in Withdean Woods.

I also have a collection of plastic carrier bags for you to put your litter in. Dog poo can be kicked, or swiped with your litter picker, into the long grass.

Side roads from London Road: Withdean Court Avenue, Cedars Gardens, Leahurst Court Road, Curwin Place and Elm Lea Avenue, turn into twittens to go through into Snakey Lane. Unfortunately a few residents consider that this is a handy way pf getting rid of their rubbish.

I suppose that not many people realise that Snakey Lane in part of the Preston Park Conservation Area. I would like to put up a plaque informing people of the fact, but there are 3 owners of the Lane, British Rail, the Curwen Estate and another, but I do not know the name.

Sadly the Lane has been spoilt to some extent by the graffiti operators, not artists. If you avert your eyes from the graffiti you can feel as if you are walking in a country lane.

The ‘rural’ walk can be extended into Withdean Wooods, but the barrier here is where the cars race round a curve in Wayland Avenue. We intend to ask the Council to ask for help in getting the graffitti removed from the doors in the Lane and for making the crossing from the railway bridge in Snakey Lane across Wayland Avenue to Withdean Woods.

Selma Montford

IMAGE CREDIT: Station Road aka Snakey Lane
Track from Preston Park railway station to Withdean Road.
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